About Vivo

The power of good design.

ViVo Design Studios is a boutique design firm, specializing in the design of intelligent work-spaces that enhance productivity, foster culture and community,  and contribute to our clients’ business success.

We understand that carefully planned, well-executed interiors have the power to improve and enhance the way we work, live and play. This important principle is applied to each of the projects we take on, regardless of size, scope or budget.

With a vision for innovation, an affinity for clean lines and a talent for the unexpected, we create unique spaces for our clients that address their specific priorities, and achieve the practical and aesthetic goals they want. Let us do the same for you.

The team

ViVo curates custom teams of professionals, pulled from all corners of the industry, on a project-by-project basis. The result – little to no overhead, focused design experience and one-of-a-kind spaces.

Meet Lily

Lily Argüelles ViVo Design Studios

Lily is a Certified Interior Designer with a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design from Texas State University. She  holds an NCIDQ Certificate and has been in the design industry for over a decade, working alongside industry leaders in both the design firm and corporate fields.

Commercial Design

Commercial Design.

We specialize in designing and executing intelligent workspaces that foster culture and community, enhance productivity and contribute to our clients’ business success. ViVo brings work environments to life.

Residential Design

Residential Design.

An adventurous spirit guides our residential designs. With a keen understanding of our clients’ needs, we create sophisticated and modern interiors with a pop of the unexpected.

Furniture Design

Furniture Design.

Our drive for creating unique spaces that merge art and function allows us to effectively guide our clients through the furniture design and specification process for both office and home.